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My BP Credit Card

  • Log on to manage a BP Credit Card account (issued by Synchrony Bank), including making a payment and more
  • Once a payment is made online to a BP credit card, it will be applied the same business day (payments made after their due date will have a $25 late fee charged by BP)
  • Requires a valid email address in order to receive account information and perform activities online

The My BP Credit Card service is set up for people who have a credit card with BP fuel to log on to manage their account, including making a payment to a BP account, signing up for text and e-mail alerts, and sign up for paperless BP statements and recurring BP payments. Online access for a BP credit card is the fastest way to make a payment, view recent BP credit card transactions, see the current balance on a BP credit card, and more. Both a Visa branded BP card that can be used anywhere and a BP card that’s only good at BP stores are available. Please note any customer who had a BP credit card account can sign up to manage their account online, including personal BP gas card account, business BP gas accounts, and BP fleet fuel accounts.

What will customers need to set up their BP credit card account online?

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To set up a BP credit card account online, customers will need to have the actual BP credit card in their possession, and  they will need to be the primary account holder. To begin the actual set up process for a BP credit card online, cardholders will enter their credit card number in the spot provided, and then enter their personal information like name and address, along with the last 4 digits of their Social Security number and their date of birth

To contact My BP Credit card services:

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  • Write to BP PLCC & Visa P.O. Box 965006 Orlando, FL 32896-5006.
  • Call them at 844 832 0035


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