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  • This is a must for people unfamiliar with their AT&T device

The AT&T Device How To service is free to use and is operated by AT&T, Globe logo.  The service is especially useful for old people who are not hip with the latest technology and crave information (millennials will most likely find this AT&T help page extremely boring and will immediately exit out of it).  Customers can search via most popular brand: Apple, AT&T, HTC, LG, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung, ZTE or scroll through an alphabetical listing of all brands (i.e. ASUS, Palm, Sharp).  User can also search the AT&T device how to service by entering the exact model number or the brand name.  Once the customer has selected the brand a list of all available how to’s for that brand will become available.  Customers can simply click on the device to access the how to content and print it for later bed time reading.  Example of tips provided via the how to service include battery life tips, how to set up voicemail for a phone, what to do in case of a frozen screen, block or unblock calls, and how to set up WiFi connection.  The AT&T Device How To service is designed for phone (Galaxy Express Prime 2, Galaxy 4 Note), tablets, and wearables.

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Any questions in regards to the AT&T how to customer support page can be directed to a call center agent at 1 (800) 331-0500.  Those looking to reach the AT&T corporate office via mail can write to: 208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202.


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