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If home is where the heart is, then Princeton has ours. This is our life in the town we love.

Valentine’s Day Outfit+ Giveaway

I used to think that Valentine's Day was such a stupid holiday until I had kids. Parenting doesn't always bring out the best in me and I often forget to tell my husband, Ed, how much I love and appreciate... Continue Reading →

6 of the best kid-friendly restaurants in the Princeton Area

"I love going out to eat at a restaurant with my toddler, " said no one ever Eating out with my kids is not high on my priority list. Actually, it falls right under bathing the dogs and organizing my... Continue Reading →

Be kind to yourself

If you could see the ridiculous to-do list I make for myself each morning, you would die laughing. I ask myself to do things that I would not expect any reasonable person to do. My problem is that I can't... Continue Reading →

Recipe Round Up- Baby It’s Cold Outside

Here are some of my favorite recipes I've made this week. Giada's White Bean and Chicken Chili- This is the recipe that was the inspiration behind this post! It's hearty, kid-friendly and super easy. Finlandia Smoked Salmon Pasties- You know... Continue Reading →

Why junk mail is your new best friend

There are times in a mom's life where she really needs to get stuff done, like put all her focus into one thing and stop multitasking.  When these situations happen, I'm always looking for a go-to way to keep the... Continue Reading →

New Recipe Roundup

I love innovation and am constantly trying to push the envelope and come up with new ideas for Smart. Simple. Savvy. My friend, Lauren Madden recently inspired a new idea. Starting this Sunday I will be publishing a weekly roundup of... Continue Reading →

Balancing the budget in 2017

This is not a political commentary about balancing our country's budget (even though that does concern me as well). This is all about the most important budget in the entire world: yours. A while back I wrote a series about... Continue Reading →

Pottery Barn Style on a Target Budget

I used to be in a very serious, committed relationship with Pottery Barn and West Elm. I loved them with all my heart but the relationship would turn sour every month when I would get my credit card bill. It... Continue Reading →

Prep breakfast for the week in 10 minutes

January is a time when everyone is looking to eat better and work towards achieving their resolutions, aka beach body. One of my constant struggles (and resolutions) is consistently making a healthy breakfast for the family. I often get stuck in... Continue Reading →

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